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Tech 2014 Updates:

Google Zebra a “Merchant” of Doom

Editor’s update: The Google “Zebra” update is both rumor and an SEO inside-joke. As of today, there is no Google Zebra update. The myth arose after comments Matt Cutts made at a conference regarding merchant quality. It was dubbed “Zebra” because Google seemed to favor black and white animal names for their algorithm updates aka “Panda” and “Penguin” (the recent Hummingbird, not withstanding!). But jokes aside, the recommendations in this article by Michael Campolattano are valid (on a case by case basis). Sorry for any confusion.

Launch of Rho Mobile Open Source After Xamarin – Multi Platform Mobile Tool

RhoMobile offers Rhodes, which is an open-source framework based on Ruby. This permits the developer to create native apps, spanning over a stunning range of OS’ and smartphones. The OS’ include Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone and RIM, which pretty much covers it all..

Flappy Bird Flutters Into the Sunset

The game that millions learned to love — and hate — is gone. That’s right, Flappy Bird has flown the coop. The indie developer who created the maddening mobile app pulled it from the App Store and Google Play, essentially saying on Twitter that he couldn’t take it any more. What, exactly, he was taking besides a reported $50K a day in ad revenue isn’t clear.

Google Maps for iOS Now Flags Faster Routes

Google just beefed up the functionality in its Maps app for the iPhone and iPad, making it even more difficult for Apple’s mapping efforts to earn some respect. Both companies have acquired advanced mapping technologies to improve their products, but Google definitely got the plum deal with Waze. “As long as Google doesn’t break Waze, Maps will continue to advance,” said tech analyst Rob Enderle.

Increase Sales Conversion: Google and SEO Heat Map

Nielsen has made some usability studies to show the focus areas on a web page. Using this study you can get a lot of tips – both for your SEO and for your SEM. 

First of all – its important to be above the fold. We read from top and down and from left to right. Not only do you have to be on the first page, but you also have to be above the fold to be noticed in the Google search results.

And of course the heat map shows that mostpeople are looking for the natural search results and not the paid ads. But on the other hand – we know that people click on Google Adwords. So Google Adwords is still working.

If you are paying Google Adwords you have to be in the top 20%. You will have to get the 1. or 2. position if you really wanna get results. I have seen other heat maps and they all shows the same pattern.